• Project Name: Digital marketing for promoting the offer.
  • Client: Volkswagen


A well-settled name in the global automobile market was running various campaigns over various digital channels; to ensure that the internationally benchmarked products and processes lead the automobile market, as well as play an important role in increasing the focus on the global market presence. But their focus was to concentrate and reach more people within a specific territory, which was a tedious task.
Having this challenge in mind, xxx has streamlined a unique strategy plan to catch up the customers in the specific territory. The task was successfully completed applauded by the client with outstanding results.


We designed a campaign with attractive & creative display banner with following title “Drive home the Polo trend line 0% Interest” & we placed the campaign targeting particular geographic location and in different web portals though GDN.
Before placing in different web portals we conducted media planning to reach and meet our target audience. We targeted following sectors; doctors, engineers, small & medium scale entrepreneurs.
To focus and target on existing customers, we built a social media promotion using facebook & we placed the sponsor ads to reach those customers.


Apart from diverting a new way from the entire category to function online, the campaign had some very attractive number of boosts.

1. We have created a successful customer community engagement by boosting the post to get more engagement.

2. Reached 300,000 customers in & around the geographic location using GDN.

3. Emails have been shooted with 70% delivery.

Media / Network / Platform:

GDN, Facebook Sponsored Ads, Email

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