• Project Name: V4 VJ Contest
  • Client: V4 News


V4news is the most loved web portal of the people in the coastal Karnataka, Gulf countries and worldwide. V4 VJ Contest was basically set to select the best Anchor from different colleges in Mangalore.


Initially, V4news selected the best 3 candidates from the different colleges across Mangalore and then shortlisted best among them. Contestants were enthralled to be a host or be the responsible person for taking up the program.
We have integrated application for V4news Facebook page and it was designed to select the best of 50 candidates for anchoring. Each candidate details were updated in the V4news Facebook page and people voted out the best one from the 50.


1. Total reach of the Campaign was more than 20,000

2. There was good response from the people & more than 1000 contestants had participated in the campaign

3. Facebook page likes was increased by overall 30%

Media / Network / Platform:

GDN, Facebook Sponsored Ads, Email

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