• Project Name: Display / GDN Campaign
  • Client: Punjab Da Pind


Punjab Da Pind is the authentic Punjabi restaurant in Mangalore. Established in the year 2015, this place is synonymous with delicious food that can satiate all food cravings. It is home to some of the most appreciated cuisine including North Indian cuisines. Punjab Da Pind came up with one of a kind food festival in Mangalore – International Biriyani Festival. The festival included various kinds of biriyanis with exotic international flavours. The main task for this month long International Biriyani Festival was to spread awareness and garner customers to the restaurant.


Trionix team worked on GDN campaigns starting off with Target audience analysis, ad placement analysis, ad creatives, campaign setup and configuration, creating effective landing page and also made in-depth competitor analysis.


1. Trionix Global was successful in achieving excellent results within first 30 days.
2. Huge number of customers visited the restaurant and feasted on special exotic biriyanis.
3. We received high appreciation from client for the performance which resulted in making International Biriyani a grand success.

Media / Network / Platform:

Google Display Network (GDN) Marketing

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