• Project Name: Facebook Like Acquisition Campaign
  • Client: Mumbai Street Kitchen


Bombay Badshah is an avenue of bliss. Here you’ll discover that pure joy is only a sip away. Thanks to our fun-filled menu of refreshing thirst quenchers, juices, and beverages, shakes and mocktails. Bombay Baadshah was launched recently and it’s an ultimate beverage hub for varieties of fresh juices, milkshakes, faloodas and much more! Our task was to create the brand awareness from scratch, increase the likes of the page effectively and maintain a very healthy and good image of the brand across Facebook & Instagram.


Trionix team worked on Facebook Like Acquisition campaign which was a sponsored ad. Starting off with Target audience analysis, Facebook ad analysis, ad creative’s, campaign setup and configuration, optimizing Facebook page with attractive and appealing posts and also made in-depth competitor analysis.


1. Trionix Global was successful in achieving excellent results within 30 days.
2. The Facebook likes reached more than 700+ in a span of 30.
3. We received high appreciation from client for the performance in acquiring likes and maintaining the page with appealing and attractive content for the followers.

Media / Network / Platform:

Facebook Marketing

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