• Project Name: Ecommerce SEM Campaign
  • Client: Iris Florists


The Iris Florists is the one of the top & popular florists in Mangalore. They deliver high quality floral services throughout India. They are committed to providing professional quality service and floral designs for our customers.
Iris Florists is located in Mangalore & now its branches are expanded to Coastal City Udupi.


Iris florists wanted to drive online revenue growth with a Paid Search Campaigns.


Trionix team worked on SEM campaigns starting off with Keyword analysis, campaign setup and configuration, creating an effective landing page and also made in-depth competitor analysis.
Optimized a paid search account by targeting a specific geographic region & utilizing a refined keyword list to target the right customer.


The company saw great results from our paid search campaign. Some of which include:
1. Our Paid Search campaign grew online revenue & total digital investment more efficient and profitable.
2. 50% increase in conversions in three months.
3. 25% increase in new sessions to their website in four months.

Media / Network / Platform:

Google Search

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