• Project Name: Facebook Remarketing Campaign
  • Client: FittPass Eid Sale Campaign –FB Remarketing


FittPass.com is an online platform that unlocks fitness facilities across Dubai to its residents through 1 day, 5 day & 30 day passes as well as 3, 6 and 12 months memberships to any facility within FittPass’s network - all at negotiated prices for consumers to enjoy great savings. With over 250 passes and growing, FittPass allows users to search, review, compare and buy passes, to help them plan their workout schedule according to their preferred time and location, making being active easy, hassle-free and enjoyable. FittPass then came up with a Eid Sale giving discounts on all passes.


The main aim of Remarketing campaign is to retarget website visitors across Facebook. Trionix team worked on FB Remarketing campaign starting off with targeting the website visitors, ad creatives, campaign setup and configuration, creating effective landing page and also made in-depth competitor analysis.


1. Trionix Global was successful in achieving excellent results during the 3 days of sale.
2. We received high appreciation from client for the performance which resulted in getting potential leads very often.

Media / Network / Platform:

Facebook Marketing

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