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  • Project Name: Social Media Campaign – Dosa Carnival
  • Client: Dosa Plaza, Qatar


Dosa plaza is a south Indian restaurant with great reputation as it specializes in pure vegetarian south Indian cuisine. It is one of the kinds in Qatar that is famous for its varieties of Dosa Specialties. Dosa Plaza offers quick and easy Vegetarian meal option that's delicious and nutritious. An innovative idea of introducing new varieties of Dosa’s was made and thus ‘Dosa Carnival’ came into existence. Trionix Team was given the task of creating brand awareness about this activation.


Trionix Global team worked on their social media pages posting attractive content related to the Carnival. We started with a teaser post that gained good amount of reach from the followers. Then we started the carnival by posting creatively pleasing images of new Dosa’s and captioned it attractively to draw audience interests. These posts were all boosted to increase the number of reach and thus contributing to the brand awareness. We have managed to gain more than 13k reach overall for all the postings.


1. Trionix Global was successful in achieving excellent results within 7 days.
2. Dosa Carnival teaser post gained more than 5k reach with minimum budget across Facebook &Instagram.
3. Overall the Dosa Carnival posts have managed reach 13k+ unique target audience.
4. Positive response from the followers and customers has delighted the client.
5. We received high appreciation from client for the performance of Dosa Carnival campaign.
6. The campaign has in return boosted the overall page reach.

Media / Network / Platform:

Facebook and Instagram Marketing

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